There is an ever-growing need in our community. There are hungry people and families that are in trouble and struggling to make ends meet. These folks may be your neighbors or yourselves. We want to help and would love for the community to participate with us in this project.

Starting Sunday, July 5th, from 2 – 5pm
ANYONE in need of food will be fed.
 There is no price on a meal.  

*Those that are able, can give what they can afford.

Anyone in the community that wants to help us and participate in 
“paying it forward” can:

1.Purchase a meal or meal ticket for someone less fortunate that can be used on any day.

2.Volunteer your time and assist in restaurant duties.

3. Show your support by purchasing a "soul.full" t-shirt. For only $25. You get the shirt and have just bought 2 meals for someone less fortunate!

All are welcome to join our family and dine with us in house. Those in need, simply ask for the “Soulful Menu” and you will be served with a smile. We will be discrete, private, and just between us. Try us!

We are relying on the hearts of the community to assist in caring for the less fortunate in our community along with us.

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“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” – Albert Pine